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:bulletblue: Horror
:bulletblue: Pain
:bulletblue: Fear
:bulletblue: Memories/Hallucinations
:bulletblue: Experimentation
:bulletblue: Apocalypse
:bulletblue: Virus

:bulletred:You may combine themes or choose more than one.
:bulletred:As long as you show AT LEAST one theme, you are fine.
:bulletred:You must involve at least 1 FFVII character in your entry.
:bulletred:You may choose any version of the FFVII characters to represent.
:bulletred:No OC/Original Characters are allowed.
:bulletred:No explicit details explaining sex or excessive violence are allowed.
:bulletred:Yes, you may submit more than one entry, be it art or writing.
:bulletred: Place your entries in the October Contest Folder when they are complete:…

:bulletred: You must link this journal in your deviation's description. (And state it's for the contest.)



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26th, 2014.


:star:For Artists:
:bulletgreen: Overall execution.
:bulletgreen: Use of color.
:bulletgreen: Proportions.
:bulletgreen: Creativity & Theme execution.

:star:For Writers:
:bulletgreen: Overall execution.
:bulletgreen: Use of words. Does the story flow/read well?
:bulletgreen: Proper grammar and punctuation.
:bulletgreen: Creativity & Theme execution.


Yes, artists are going against artists, and writers are going against writers. First place artist gets rewarded equally as first place writer.

:star:For Artists:
First Place:
A free commission from lucife56
A free commission or animation from Seraphim210
A free story commission from Talliya
Second Place:
A free sketch commission from Seraphim210
Third Place:
A free chibi sketch from Seraphim210 (3 chibis max)

:star:For Writers:
First Place:
A free sketch from Seraphim210
A free commission or animation from Seraphim210
A free story commission from Talliya
Second Place:
A free sketch commission from Seraphim210
Third Place:
A free chibi sketch from Seraphim210 (3 chibis max)

Please note the prize-givers after the results are posted.



Sidenote: Interested in role-play? We are currently recruiting writers to come join us in our FFVII world~! Please send note if you are intersted.
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Newest Members



If you’re interested...    (Role Play is a lot of fun! It's easy too!)


Please note that we do NOT accept Original Characters. Please do NOT ask. We will not accept them.

You choose and apply for any available characters listed below. Your application will be reviewed by the groups Admins (Seraphim210, Viege, 1000ShinigamiRoses, Talliya) and if accepted, you will be put on a 15 day probation period – where the group evaluates your character and writing style within the RP. We have very successful group chats, and all we have to do is talk/act like that character given any scenario. We all talk together, and react to one another like the characters actually would. Its super FUN!

In order to role play you must submit an application via note to the group page:
Here is the application you need to complete:

a) The name of character you want.

b) Description of character's personality – as you perceive them to be.

c) 10 sentences of writing from your desired character's point of view. You can write about any topic, OR you can write 10 sentences about the character doing something in some sort of scenario, basically, just show us your writing style. Paragraph format please.

d) How active are you on dA?

e) Pairing preferences/Sexual Orientation – No crack pairings are allowed, we’re trying to stay as canon as possible.

f) Your Time Zone (ex. Pacific Standard, Mountain Time etc. etc.)

g) If you don't get this character, who is your second character choice? (We just want to know for reference.)

h) What FFVII related things have you played/watched? (FFVII, FFVII CC, FFVII DoC, FFVII AC, FFVII BC, Last Order etc)

We roleplay in a FORUM that is very easy to use. Once you are accepted, we provide you with a link and you sign up as your character. It's super friendly and easy to use.


:bulletgreen: = Open
:bulletred: = Taken
:bulletyellow: = Competition (Someone applied for it, but hasn't gotten the part. You can still get this part if your application is better than him/her who already applied for the character.)
:bulletblue: = Open. [Same as green bullet) These are characters that we really would appreciate having around. These characters are compatible with the characters already taken. Apply for them please!!


:bulletred: Genesis Rhapsodos - Seraphim210
:bulletred: Cloud Strife Seraphim210
:bulletred: Vincent Valentine Fantasized-Teravan (On hiatus until May.)
:bulletred: Lucrecia Crescent Yumeih (Also on hiatus until school is over.)
:bulletred: Yazoo EragonJediGirl357
:bulletred: Rude Talliya
:bulletred: Rufus ShinRa 1000ShinigamiRoses
:bulletred: Cid Highwind grandpatoenail
:bulletred: Cissnei applecat
:bulletred: Tifa Lockheart vvexed1
:bulletred: Zack Viege
:bulletred: Reno ClarkeyBaby
:bulletred: Marlene Wallace kimpenguinbui
:bulletred: Kadaj IscariotWolf
:bulletred: Tseng Kasimere
:bulletred: Elena Kasimere

[Character’s we’d love to see taken]

:bulletblue: Denzel
:bulletblue: Nanaki/Red XIII
:bulletblue: Aerith Gainsborough
:bulletblue: Loz
:bulletblue: Reeve Tuesti
:bulletblue: Cait Sith
:bulletblue: Barret Wallace
:bulletblue: Angeal Hewley
:bulletblue: Yuffie Kisaragi
:bulletblue: Shera


:bulletgreen: Mai/Moogle Girl
:bulletgreen: Shalua Rui
:bulletgreen: Shelk the Transparent
:bulletgreen: Ester
:bulletgreen: Elmyra Gainsborough
:bulletgreen: Priscilla
:bulletgreen: Sephiroth
:bulletgreen: Weiss
:bulletgreen: Azul
:bulletgreen: Nero
:bulletgreen: Rosso
:bulletgreen: Shears
:bulletgreen: Elfe
:bulletgreen: Fuhito
:bulletgreen: Hojo
:bulletgreen: Don Corneo
:bulletgreen: President ShinRa
:bulletgreen: Palmer
:bulletgreen: Scarlet
:bulletgreen: Heidegger
:bulletgreen: Jenova
:bulletgreen: Hollander
:bulletgreen: Gast
:bulletgreen: Grimoire
:bulletgreen: Veld
:bulletgreen: Rod
:bulletgreen: Two Gun
:bulletgreen: Gun
:bulletgreen: Shotgun
:bulletgreen: Knife
:bulletgreen: Legend
:bulletgreen: MA female
:bulletgreen: MA male
:bulletgreen: Katana
:bulletgreen: Nunchaku
:bulletgreen: Deneh
:bulletgreen: Seto
:bulletgreen: Bugenhagen
:bulletgreen: Dyne
:bulletgreen: Jessie
:bulletgreen: Biggs
:bulletgreen: Wedge
:bulletgreen: Ifalana
:bulletgreen: Tifa's father
:bulletgreen: Cloud's mother
:bulletgreen: Lazard
:bulletgreen: Kunsel
:bulletgreen: Essai
:bulletgreen: Sebastian
:bulletgreen: Kyneugh
:bulletgreen: Zangan
:bulletgreen: Johnny
:bulletgreen: Mr. Holzoff
:bulletgreen: Mr. Coates
:bulletgreen: Luxiere

If we've forgotten a character, please tell us and we’ll add him/her to the list.

Food for thought!
If you are accepted, please note that we do have some rules that need to be followed.

1. You will be placed under a 15 day-probation period, so the group can assess the fit of the character.
2. If an RP member is inactive for more than 15 days without warning, a warning letter will be sent, a failure to respond will result in a termination of the RP status and the character will be open for grabs.
3. If you KNOW you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, please let us know via Note and we'll keep your spot.
4. We love that you guys love to RP, but we aren't an alarm clock for the RP, so please take some personal responsibility, we don't have time (or the text message left on our plans) to notify everyone to let them know we're gonna RP.


Add a Comment:
Sartanis Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I know that I've been very inactive already, but I wanted to officially give up my position in the roleplay. You guys are fantastic writers and a wonderful group of people, but I the pace of the roleplay just doesn't work with my schedule or what I can handle consistently. It's been fun, and I love you all.
Talliya Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
S'alright Sartanis. Thanks for letting us know!
Seraphim210 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
Talliya Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You smiley dork you. *pats your face, then runs behind Tseng so as not to get hit with a fireball*
Talliya Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is still going!
OurMotherJenova Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student General Artist
So, I'm really interested in joining and being a part of some RP, but I don't think I understand everything that would be required of me. Would someone help to explain a little more?
Talliya Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Which part or parts are you confused about?

Basically what we do is have you pick a character from the list above that is not already taken that you would like to be. And then fill out the Application. You can do that by either sending the group as a whole a note or by sending one of the Admins a note OR you can go here… and send it in that way.

The info we need is the character you want to play's name, what you think they act like (how you would play them), and a short paragraph  from their point of view to show how you would rp them. The site has plenty of examples if you get confused ^_^.

Hope this helps a bit,

OurMotherJenova Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you! I'll be sure to try to fill one out then!
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